Save money and save the planet. It’s as easy as breaking down your cardboard boxes and putting them in the recycling bin. To make that simpler there is a free recycling bin for cardboard now located in the Howard Johnson parking lot on 3rd Avenue.

Smurfit-Stone has provided a cardboard recycling bin for several years free of charge to downtown businesses. The bin has moved in the last few months and is now located in the parking lot at 3rd and C in front of Howard Johnson.

The bin is for cardboard recycling only. By breaking down your cardboard boxes and recycling you allow for more boxes to fit in the bin and you allow for more space in your dumpster. You pay for less trash to be hauled away and the cardboard gets recycled at no cost to you.

Doing the right thing and saving money at the same time. Saving never felt so good. (No tree hugging required.)