What People Say About Downtown Anchorage

Whether it comes in a postcard from a visitor, or shows up in a local letter to the editor, people love downtown Anchorage! Read what others have written about our community:

This letter is to compliment the downtown area of Anchorage on how well-kept and clean it is. My wife and I have been traveling all over the United States and ended our journey here in Anchorage. We were very impressed with the beauty of Alaska. During our time in Anchorage, we strolled throughout the city and were pleased at what we saw: no gigantic billboards, no graffiti, no trash and especially no panhandlers.

I spoke with a young man who was the maintenance supervisor for the Downtown Partnership, Jeff Robinson. I wanted to know his secret for keeping the city so pristine. He was gracious and gave all credit to his crew and the business owners in the downtown area. Jeff even gave us advice on which restaurants and other attractions to visit.

My wife and I found Anchorage to be one of the best places we have ever visited and we surely will be back. To the DTP maintenance crew: Keep up the good work; it was noticed and appreciated. See you again.

from Anchorage Daily News – July 4th, 2010

Unfortunately, boulevards are not maintained to the same standards as downtown streets. Every city wants to put on its best face for the tourists. That is an important business consideration. When prospective visitors ask me about coming to Anchorage, I advise them to stay downtown (if they can) or rent a car, because it is hazardous to walk or bike.

from Anchorage Daily News – August 12th, 2009

Downtown Anchorage is a happening place. There are all kinds of events and cultural activities. It is busy most of the time, in contrast to many cities where downtown is dead in the evening and on weekends after workers flee to the suburbs.

from Anchorage Daily News – February 12th, 2008

The ambiance of downtown has a significant impact on the lives of those who live and work there. Decisions made now will help steer the direction the city takes in the coming decades.

from Anchorage Daily News – January 30th, 2008