Although our Ambassadors are on call for the times below, this number will filter and dispatch calls 24/7 for any downtown needs.

Security: 297-4471

Seven Days a Week: 8:00am – 9:00pm

For assistance, call or text for any security or maintenance needs.


Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. and EasyPark have combined forces to launch a new and enhanced clean and safe program for downtown Anchorage. This program calledSafety Firstis a strategic approach to improve public safety in Downtown Anchorage and to maximize the security resources in Downtown Anchorage. The “Safety First” program features calling or texting the number (907) 297-4471 for all safety and clean services in Downtown Anchorage.  coverPhoto

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Anchorage Cares Initiative

An all-volunteer group dedicated to issues of community safety has introduced the Anchorage Cares program, aimed at reducing panhandling on Anchorage streets. Through Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd, the Anchorage Economic Development Corp.’s Live. Work. Play. initiative, the Municipality of Anchorage, and Anchorage Community Development Authority, the program encourages Anchorage residents to resist the urge of handing money to panhandlers and instead donate directly to homeless service organizations.
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Get Your ICE MELT Here!

That’s Right! We are selling ice melt for a price you can’t beat: $12.95 a bag! What’s the best part? We deliver right to your door. What’s better than that??
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APD Calls for Service in Downtown

A Call for Service is simply a request for police assistance. Calls for Service do not always generate a police report and therefore cannot be considered actual crime statistics. Police Reports are Calls for Service that results in official documentation of the incident. These reports form the basis of local, state, and federal crime statistics.
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Safe Statistics

ADP monitors and evaluates both our activities and the activities that impact downtown on a daily basis. All of that data is compiled into a monthly statistics report, which you can view here.
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Security Ambassadors

As the “eyes and ears” of Downtown, Security Ambassadors (SAs) serve and assist local businesses and our thousands of visitors as they patrol the streets.
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