Membership Meeting Summary December 7th, 2016

Penny | October 12th, 2016

Anchorage Downtown Partnership Updates

ADP Event: New Year’s Eve Celebration in Town Square
Penny Smythe, ADP Marketing Director, spoke about our biggest event of the year: The KTVA New Year’s Eve Celebration! This family friendly event will take place from 5-8pm on December 31st and is expected to draw over 15,000 people to downtown. There will be carnival games, food trucks, performances by the top 3 contestants from Stars We Are, and -of course- FIREWORKS. Tickets may be purchased for the VIP party, which allow you to see the firework show from inside the Performing Arts Center. We are still looking for volunteers and sponsors. The deadline for sponsorship is THIS FRIDAY, so feel free to contact us at or call 279-5650.


8 – Step Program for Downtown Anchorage
Jamie Boring, ADP Executive Director, expressed that safety is his number one priority for downtown. He also shared his impression of downtown as being extremely iconic in the way that we transition from waterfront, to urban, to wilderness in such a short distance. Then, he gave short overview of what Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. is all about: keeping downtown clean, safe, and vital.

Next, he explained the new 8-Step Safety Program.

  • It starts with public awareness and dividing downtown into 6 grids. This will allow you to get to know your specific safety ambassador and allow you to build a relationship with them.
  • Step 2 is to hire an Ambassador Supervisor and have side-by-sides (equipped with first aid) to create better response time.
  • Step 3 is to have a dedicated police force downtown, which has already been implemented!
  • Step 4 is to coordinate with homeless outreach programs to better understand how to help these individuals.
  • Step 5 is to establish a downtown-dedicated ASP van. Jamie stated that 50% of the 30,000 calls in 2015 happened inside the improvement district, which proves how necessary this step is.
  • Step 6 is to create community partners in order to build relationships and share needs.
  • Step 7 is to have a late night security team 2 nights a week until 4am, to make people feel safe to come downtown and have dinner and drinks. We have a third party security company that could do this for $60,000 a year but are still trying to find a way to come up with the money. The idea has been passed around to make our own brew and use the process to fund the program.
  • Step 8 is to have sponsored ADP Ambassadors. We already have some at the Cathedral, Glacier Brewhouse, and Brown Jug and have been impressed with the results.

Lastly, Jamie shared that after we make downtown safe, he wants to start construction in downtown. There are great opportunities to build wood frame houses. He also would like to look into the option of making 5th and 6th two-way streets to allow for better parking and access to the Performing Arts Center.


New Membership options for current AND new ADP members
Ashlee Schneider, ADP Marketing and Sales Coordinator, introduced our new membership program. The current members will be grandfather in at the basic package and can purchase the additional amenities that are more tailored to your specific needs.

We also have created a new individual membership program targeted towards millennial, families, and downtown employees. Members will get a downtown pass for $100 a year. This membership will give them 3 main perks: First Friday deals, Date Night deals, and annual savings.

We also are introducing monthly mastermind workshops (based off a poll of what you want to learn), member portal to access benefits and member directory, and a member raffle for 4 round trip Delta tickets. As long as you are up to date on your membership dues, you will be entered to win. Contact Ashlee at or 279-5620 for more details.


Alaska Experience Theatre Events & Opportunities
Ryan Anderson, the new Alaska Experience Theatre Program Manager, introduced himself to the group and expressed that he is very flexible for booking in the Experience Theater and Port View Room. Contact him at with any questions you may have. He would love to hear your ideas!


Alaska Communications – Unlimited Business Internet & Business Solutions
Stacy Marshall, AC Business Director, and Stacey Simpson, AC Client Account Manager, spoke about the new Business Internet Plus package. It has higher upload speeds and unlimited Internet. They also discussed their Business Technology Center, which is free space that is open to the public. They have different rooms that accommodate anywhere from 28-45 people for trainings, meetings, and presentations. It is open Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm, but feel free to contact them to schedule after hours. Visit their website for more information and to book a room:


Alaska Club Downtown
Taleen Lundale, head of Alaska Club’s Membership Perk & Wellness Program, explained some of the many perks of joining the Alaska Club. They are open Monday through Friday from 5:30am-9pm and Saturday from 9am-5pm. They have tons of pre-core cardio equipment and locker rooms equipped with towels, soap, shampoo, and sauna. They also have a brand new interactive group fitness program that allows you to create your own work out. In addition, they offer 45-minute team-training programs that would be great for team building among your employees. In addition, there are options for free digital advertising, childcare, tanning, and Anchorage Downtown Partnership discounts. Contact Taleen at 330-0181 for more details.


Upcoming ADP activities & downtown events:

  • New Year’s Eve Celebration:
    • Saturday, Dec 31st, 5 – 8:15 pm, Town Square
  • Next ADP Membership meeting
    • Wed, February 1, 9 – 10 am, Trooper Museum


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