Road Closures – Saturday May 21

Humpy’s and Williwaw has a large outdoor beer tasting event this weekend, May 21, and has road closures along with it! Information on downtown street closures here.

The following closures and restrictions are valid Saturday morning through Sunday morning:

Cars will be towed if parked in any of those locations and times.

Road Closures:

  • F St. between 6th Ave. – 8th Ave.
  • Intersection of F St. & 7th Ave.
  • Alleyways behind Humpy’s and Williwaw buildings


  • Pacillo garage is open; entrance on 7th Ave. after E St.. Exiting traffic must make a left turn to exit onto E St.
  • Dena’ina Center loading zone will be open with limited access. Traffic here must make a U-turn to exit back onto G St.

Contact the Municipal Traffic Department with any questions:

Sign up for the beer tasting event here!