JoJo de gogo

Ruth | October 13th, 2011

Coffee and treats.  Those words are music to my ears.

JoJo de gogo has arrived downtown and is serving up crepe’s and coffee.

The crepe’s come in savory and sweet and the coffee comes in all the varieties a coffee lover desires.

JoJo de gogo uses organic, locally roasted coffee to make your cup of joe something special.

JoJo de gogo is making coffee and crepe’s at 302 G Street on the corner of 3rd and G.

There is a homemade soup of the day and a variety of cookies and pastries for those who aren’t in the mood for a crepe with their coffee.

The crepe’s have received rave reviews from everyone I have talked to about them and I give the coffee two thumbs up.

Long a popular stop in Spenard JoJo de gogo is pleased to be bringing coffee and crepes to downtown.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting and the giant windows will be a great way to soak up the sun whatever the season.

You can watch your crepe being made.  The process is quick and interesting.

I can’t figure out how they can keep something so thin in one piece.

I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to manage that at home.  Thanks to JoJo de gogo I won’t have to try.

Stop by JoJo de gogo and give coffee and crepes a try!



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