Quilted Raven – Alaskan patterns & more

Ruth | May 9th, 2013

Quilted Raven has always awed me with the wonderful collection of patterns and materials for making quilts.

As someone who limits herself to sewing on buttons, but only in an emergency, I am always impressed with people who can sew.

Quilted Raven is like visiting a beautiful foreign country. I don’t speak the language, but with art you don’t have to speak the language to appreciate the value.


I love that local artists have created quilt patterns that can be purchased. There are also fabrics created by local artists.

A lot of amazing and fun stuff for quilt makers and quilt maker admirers.

Now Quilted Raven has expanded! The added space is adding yarn. Not your average yarn, but unique yarn in amazing colors and materials.


Did you know the Alaska Zoo sells camel hair yarn?! It was much softer than I expected camel hair to be.

The variety of yarn is astounding!


There are also a lot of fun buttons. It made me think I might be willing to just sew buttons on things for fun.

many buttons

Quilted Raven is located on G Street between 4th and 5th Avenues. Visit the Quilted Raven website or friend them on Facebook.

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