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Ruth | January 14th, 2010

I own the best pair of boots ever made…ever.   Skinny Raven Sports has provided me with the boots of my dreams.


When you live in Alaska you dream about things like boots and warm, dry feet.  When I saw that Skinny Raven carried Bogs I tripped over my old clunky boots scrambling to get there right away!

The great thing about my boots is they look cool too so people stop and ask me about them and I can tell them all about my new boots!  Life is good.

Skinny Raven Sports on H and 8th has always been known for good footwear.   They specialize in running shoes and have a large assortment of comfortable shoes for everyday.

Even people who have never been to Skinny Raven (and don’t let that be you!) seem to have heard that they are THE place to go for shoes.

If you are looking for well made, comfortable shoes or boots in any style Skinny Raven is the place for you.  If you are looking for 5 inch pumps then I suggest buying the Bogs so you can get to the place you want to walk in those heels.

Every New Year’s Eve we have a big event in Town Square and I end up standing outside for hours in the freezing cold.  I have tried a variety of boots and socks and boot/sock combinations and have never achieved warmth until this year!

My bogs are warm (good from somewhere between minus 20 and minus 40). They are water proof.  They are easy to put on and off. They are knee high so I don’t have to worry about snow piling up inside and they are oh so very cute!

Once again Skinny Raven has given me the perfect footwear for the occasion.

Skinny Raven also carries a line of Dansko clogs painted by Alaskan artist Romney Dodd.  Romney creates designs specifically for Skinny Raven so you can’t get them anywhere else.

What store has shoes designed for them?!  Pretty cool.

In a small space they manage to have every really comfortable shoe made.  From the standard clog to super cute Mary Jane’s you can find it at Skinny Raven Sports.

They have shoes for men too, but I get too distracted by all the great women’s shoes to really pay much attention to that.  They also carry great clothes, especially for runners, but again…distracted by the shoes.

Visit Skinny Raven to be amazed by the wide selection of shoes for men and women and check out all the great clothes.  On the corner of H and 8th or visit to check out the shoes online.

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