Alaska Public Lands Information Center – Anchorage

Alaska Public Lands Information Center has lots of interesting Alaska information and its FREE.

You can take a walking tour of Anchorage, watch an educational movie, meet Alaska wildlife (both stuffed and visiting animals from the zoo) and have coffee with a Scientist!

There are Park Rangers available to help you plan your visit and give information on things you want to know about Alaska.

Alaska map

Check out the variety of maps available and get some perspective on where Anchorage is in relation to Juneau and Fairbanks.

Watch informative movies on wildlife, Denali National Park, earthquakes and volcanos and the Gold Rush. (All free.)

Movies are generally short and shown once or twice a day.


On Thursdays the Alaska Zoo brings in an animal so you can get a first hand peek at Alaska’s wild creatures. On Saturdays there is a live bird demonstration. On Friday’s you can have coffee with a scientist.



You can look at the schedule of activities on the Alaska Public Lands Information Center website.

The Information Center is inside a Federal Building so you will have to bring a photo ID and go through security to get into the center. When I went the security officers were very polite and helpful so the process was fairly painless.

Located on 4th Avenue at F Street in the Historic Old Federal Building you can learn a lot about Alaska in a short amount of time and at no cost.