Bangkok Cafe

The cafe may be hidden, but the taste sure stands out!  Bangkok Cafe knows what it is doing when it comes to good Thai flavors.

The Bangkok Cafe is on 5th Avenue behind the Downtown Wine and Spirits at 930 W. 5th Avenue, Suite A.

The Bangkok Cafe understands Thai spices and knows how to make things hot.  Fortunately for me they also know how to make things mild.  I’m generally a wimp when it comes to heat.

I joined a friend for lunch and we split several dishes and found we liked them all. The fried spring rolls came out piping hot and fresh.  Yum.

The Vegetable curry dish had a nice heat to it for me.  My friend asked for more so they brought her some spices to add to her dish and she was very pleased with the results.  Again, yum.

I wish I had the food vocabulary to describe the wonderful array of flavors I enjoyed.  I have to admit that YUM is the best I can come up with.  Maybe with a WOW thrown in.

The Bangkok Cafe is worth finding! If you like Thai food you won’t want to miss this spot!