Bottoms Boutique

Bottoms Boutique specializes in fashion below the waist. They feature all the latest styles in jeans, socks, shoes and more.



I am in love with the Miche purses. This concept is genius! You buy a basic bag and then change out the shell on the outside of the bag to match your mood or your wardrobe.

Miche means never having to move everything you want out of one purse into another just to dress up. The shells come in a wide range of styles from fun to classy.

Bottoms Boutique has a wide variety of fun and fancy shoes too. Heels, got em, boots, got em, flats, got em.

They carry a wide selection of Alegria shoes that are oh so comfortable and fun.

Many of the heels are too high for me to walk in, but there is enough variety that even I could find some shoes that are just right for me.

Jeans have always been an issue for me. Designers do not have my body type in mind when they make jeans.

I’m short, but my legs are too long for a petite. I’m not big, but I have hips so generally things that fit over my hips then slide down or bag on the rest of me.

Again the variety of styles at Bottoms Boutique and the expert staff were able to find jeans that even I could be seen in public in!

Bottoms Boutique is on the corner at 6th Avenue and C Street, just outside the 5th Avenue Mall.

Stop by and find what you need for fashion below the waist.

Visit to find out store hours and basic information about the store.