Circular Boutique – More Style Than Ever!

Circular Boutique has expanded! Now you have more store to shop for more amazing designs and styles.

Circular has always been ahead of it’s time when it comes to fashion, especially Alaskan fashion. Now the store has grown to meet an increasing number of admirers.

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Circular has added shoes and more accessories with the additional space.

photo 2

The options are exquisite! Of course they would have to be to keep up with the rest of the fashion statements found in the store.

photo 1

With an additional 1,394 square feet and all new lighting the expanded Circular keeps the classy feel and welcoming atmosphere of the smaller Circular.

While I was visiting today someone wandered in just because the place looked so beautiful. I can’t argue with that assessment.

Circular is a beautiful space filled with beautiful clothing and accessories for those with beautiful taste.

Circular is located at 320 W. 6th Avenue, across the street from Nordstroms. Visit their Facebook page or website to learn more about the store.