Downtown Anchorage Sewer Upgrade

Alert No. 1–Downtown Anchorage Sewer Upgrade Starting October 21st, Many of the sewers in downtown Anchorage have been in service almost from the founding of our community—and some are now nearly 100 years old. Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility has an ongoing program to repair and upgrade these lines. To continue to provide quality sewer service, it will be repairing a sewer in the alley between 8th and 9th Avenues, from E to I Streets. The enclosed map shows the project area.


Although disruption to you is expected to be minor, this work might affect you. AWWU will be using the same technique it has used recently in other parts of Anchorage to reduce construction impacts and costs. Instead of excavating the sewer, it will install a sewer liner and cure it in place, making the old sewer “almost as good as new.” AWWU has completed the design, plans to advertise for construction bids this Fall, award a contract, and do the repair work next Spring. However, it will need your cooperation this Fall and Winter to access properties for dye testing to determine which service lines are still active–and may also need to check roof drains. You will be contacted during normal business hours and asked to allow AWWU and its contractor to put dye down your toilet, sink and roof drains. None of this will be harmful.


During actual repairs, the existing sewer will be taken out of service temporarily and bypass connections will be installed. You will be asked to stop discharging to the sewer during one or two nights and you may notice worker activity in the alley. AWWU wants to reduce your inconveniences for sewer service disruption, access, parking and service deliveries. Its contractor will coordinate with you if it needs to access your property.


If you would like to learn more about how this project might impact you, please stop by our informational meeting to meet the project team, see drawings, and ask questions. Or give us a call.


Wednesday, October 21 at 4:00 – 5:00 pm at Gumbo House, 611 W 9th Ave

You can assist us with prompt delivery of future project alerts by providing us your cell phone number (for text and after-hours messages) and email address. Please let us know how and when you prefer to be contacted.


Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this project.


Mark Queen, AWWU, Project Engineer

564-2756 or


Mark Corsentino, P.E., Project Manager

564-2784 or


Loren Leman, P.E.

Public Involvement Coordinator

696-6209 or

Alert No. 1–Informational Meeting (4964)-1