G Street Fox

Painted clogs and fun Swedish clothes. Unique, fun and useful is what you will find at G Street Fox.

You can’t go far in Anchorage without running in to someone wearing a pair of hand painted clogs from Romney Dodd.

Now Romney has her own store, G Street Fox, on G Street between 4th and 5th Avenues.

Romney’s work on display goes beyond clogs to belts, cards and eventually ceramics if she finds time to make some.

Romney opened this business with a Swedish friend who wanted to show off the fun styles that Sweden offers.

The store carries Skhoop insulated skirts in more styles and colors than I realized existed.

There are also fun, colorful socks, hats, scarves and coats.

Skhoop’s motto is “Sportswear with a touch of fashion”. The brand lives up to this ideal.

Now winter wear doesn’t have to be drab and bulky. Check out the bright colorful apparel at G Street Fox.

The store also carries a large selection of String Doll Gang collectibles. Delightfully fun characters that offer “special powers” on a key chain.

The powers are always positive and helpful. For example, Sid has the power to “protect you from people with bad taste in music”. Who couldn’t use that?!

I hadn’t seen these dolls before but ended up buying 2. I can tell you right now a lot of my friends will get these for gifts. Too cute!

G Street Fox brings new, fun and fashionable to downtown Anchorage.

G Street Fox is still working on their website, but you can get the hours and contact information at www.gstreetfox.com.

Stop by soon and stock up on a fun new collection of winter wear and don’t forget those beautiful, comfortable clogs.