Snow Goose Restaurant

Food and prizes. Count me in. Snow Goose Restaurant is a place I tend to think of in the summer because of their fabulous deck.

In the winter is it still worth stopping by?  Absolutely.  Snow Goose has been changing and improving their menu regularly.

It seems like every time I go I find something new and interesting on the menu.

This year Snow Goose Restaurant is a part of the Downtown Dining Challenge!  Now I can eat there and get stickers and win prizes!

I have to admit that the last time I stopped by I just had drinks and dessert, but that was all good too.

Today I stopped by with co-workers for lunch and the food was great.  I had the Swiss Dip without Swiss.

The meat was tasty and tender and able to stand on its own without the melted cheese.

The dip had a nice flavor to it.  It was the standard au jus with just a little more flavor.  I liked it.

The bread was just right.  I don’t want a whimpey bread that will fall apart in an au jus, but I really hate a hard or chewy bread that makes a sandwich a work out.

The sandwich was piled high with more meat than I needed, but it was all so tasty I managed to get it all down and still pack in a few of the fries.

My co-workers enjoyed the chili & corn bread and the fish tacos.  Both dishes were well liked and came with large portions.

The service was also quick and friendly.

I think of good beer and outdoor seating when I think of the Snow Goose, but their diverse menu and tasty choices make this an all occasion good place to stop.

For those of you with food issues…we had someone who couldn’t have dairy and someone who couldn’t have gluten in our lunch party and we were able to get what we wanted served to meet our needs.

With new ales brewing regularly it’s good to stop by Snow Goose to see what’s new in the brew, but the menu is worth stopping by to try out also.

What’s not to like about a place with good brews, good food and good service?  PLUS YOU CAN WIN FOR EATING!

Snow Goose Restaurant and Sleeping Lady Brewery is on 3rd Avenue at G Street.  Make this a year round stop!

Visit their website at