Join us for the Annual Meeting for the Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. on Thursday, November 9th at 4-5pm, Williwaw, 609 F Street, to vote on our open Board of Directors’ seats. Assessment or dues paying members in Anchorage Downtown Improvement District (1SC97) are invited to vote.

Board Member make-up represents the following:

  • 25% – Downtown Property Owner
  • 40% – Downtown Business
  • 20% – Downtown Resident, Public Agency and Professional Service Provider
  • 15% – Other

Our Board Members should be committed to the following core values of the Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd.:

  • Service – being responsive to the needs of the downtown stakeholders and the community
  • Commitment – delivering a clean, safe, and vital downtown
  • Innovation – striving to develop improved solutions
  • Integrity – being honest and effective ambassadors