Are you looking to become more involved in Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd.? Then you may want to consider running for a seat on the Board of Directors!

Our philosophy is that service on the Board of Directors must be valuable for both the organization and for the individual serving.

For the organization, value comes from the insight, expertise, leadership and vision that individuals such as yourself will bring to our Board. Our organization is always evolving and improving, due in large part to the valuable input, insight and commitment of our Board Members.

For the individual serving, the value comes from investing your time with other like-minded individuals all of whom have the same end goal as you: a healthy, vibrant and economically strong downtown neighborhood.

The ADP Bylaws define the number, tenure and qualifications for our Board of Directors, as well as how vacancies are filled, Directors are appointed, and when the Board meets. Learn more about these requirements here.

The time commitment: every Board member is asked to attend our one-hour, full Board meetings every other month. The full Board meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of every other month at 7:30am.

In addition to full Board meetings, there are Board committees that meet regularly, usually once per month. Most of the “work” of the Board is conducted through the Board committees. Committee membership is required, and fosters interesting and exciting work by our Board Members.

And finally, every Board member is required to make a financial commitment of $100 by joining ADP, Ltd. as Individual Members. This means that each Director, regardless of whether or not your company is a member or you own property that is within the DID, is asked to join our organization as an individual member. 100% Board giving like this is required by grantors such as the Rasmussen Foundation.

If you think this is something that might interest you, or you have any questions, feel free to contact Executive Director Jamie Boring at 279-5650.