Following the completion of each calendar year, Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. produces Annual Reports for our stakeholders. These Annual Reports are collected here.


The weather in 2014 was wild and unpredictable, with very little snowfall but plenty of ice and litter. This presented a challenge to our winter maintenance crews, but one that we were able to overcome. We saw public intoxication calls decrease again and enjoyed a significant decrease in drug-related calls thanks to legislation from the Anchorage Assembly that targeted the drug known as “spice.”

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2013 was a busy year in downtown Anchorage: unpredictable winter weather (extreme warming spells followed closely by extreme cold spells) presented a challenge to our winter maintenance crews. We collected more litter than previous years and stopped the annual increase in graffiti. Our Security Ambassadors broke records in patrol mileage, security checks, and welfare checks. Incidents involving public intoxication declined, but drug-related calls increased.

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Everyone will remember the epic winter of 2012: it snowed and snowed and snowed some more! ADP, Ltd. worked harder than ever to deliver our services (especially snow & ice removal) to the 113 square blocks of the Downtown Improvement District. We also hired a new Events Director in June 2012 who programmed events in our community that exceeded all expectations; organized additional membership promotions and events; and worked with our Board to develop a more competitive wage program that allowed us to recruit and retain Clean & Safe employees of the highest caliber.

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Following the successful expansion and renewal of the Downtown Improvement District in 2010, Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. spent 2011 growing our service delivery to adequately cover the 113 square blocks of downtown. Building on our work in 2010 to grow the Ambassador programs (Clean & Safe), ADP, Ltd. had more equipment and more men & women on the street than ever before. We also hired a new Marketing Director in December 2011, added new events to our ever-growing portfolio and had some of our greatest successes in member promotions.

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The primary focus for Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. during 2010 was successfully renewing and expanding the Downtown Improvement District, which finally happened late in the year. Other important milestones in 2010 included growing the Ambassador program by putting more men & women on the street; adding new events; and increased member promotions.

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With an uncertain economy, Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. focused its energies on improving internal functions and operations, delivering improved efficiencies throughout the organization; achieved major accomplishments with our membership and tourism activities; witnessed record attendance at downtown events; and began plans for expanding and renewing the Downtown Improvement District.

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Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. experienced growth during 2008, expanding its workforce and hiring a new Executive Director. Other accomplishments included brand new events for downtown; expanding services for property owners to include graffiti removal; additional equipment purchases that allowed ADP to boost its snow removal activities; and enhanced membership activities.

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Some would say that Downtown is in the early stages of renaissance, a statement that is easily supported by the nearly $500 million in private and public investments going into Downtown; by the hip and dynamic new districts that are being developed by cooperative businesses, such as the G Street Art District and the SoNo District;
and by the new businesses that have joined the buzz in Downtown over the past year. 2005 also was very busy for Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd.

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