Need to know where you can park if you are coming Downtown for a concert, dinner or to shop? We have just what you need! Check out your parking options with our handy map and rate/availability schedule.

Where to park in Downtown

Map updated January 5, 2015. Click for high-res Photo.

Save Money, Park in the Garages

Did you know that it costs $1.25 per hour to park on the street, but only $1.00 per hour to park in the ACDA-managed garages? If you’re going to be in downtown for more than two hours, why risk getting a ticket on the street — and pay more money to park there — when you can park in a garage and enjoy your time in downtown Anchorage? And if you work in downtown, there are garages and surface parking lots throughout downtown that are cheaper than parking on the street — not to mention the fact that every time a downtown worker takes up an on-street parking space, that’s one less space for customers.

Free Parking

On-street parking is free in downtown Anchorage after 6:00pm and all day on weekends.

You Can Pay for Parking By Phone

Parking in downtown Anchorage surface lots owned by the Anchorage Community Development Authority gives you the ability to add time to your parking space with your cellphone! ACDA now offers the option to pay for parking via your cellphone at 8 of their 9 parking lots throughout downtown Anchorage. Not only can parkers pay for their parking from their cellphone, but they can also add time to their parking spot remotely. Users of the Pay By Phone service also can receive text message reminders that their minutes are about to expire and add more time remotely. No more hurried trips to the vehicle to feed the meter!