Businesses should call 343-4006 to report any inebriated or incapacitated individual to reach the Anchorage Saftey Patrol (ASP) formerly known as CSP.

Callers will receive a brief electronic message informing you that your call is being transferred to Anchorage Fire Department Dispatch for servicing.

When your call is answered by an AFD Dispatcher, they will take your request and other information, as appropriate, and dispatch the proper asset (AFD or Anchorage Safety Patrol) to the call/location. Depending on the situation they may also refer your call to the Anchorage Police Department.

This change in dispatching procedures, which took effect on June 3rd, 2013, is expected to create efficiencies that will facilitate and speed delivery of emergency response services across the board by being able to apply the appropriate asset and level of response to the call or request for services, i.e. rather than sending multiple responders (AFD, APD and ASP) to the same call, they will be able to send one, and the most appropriate asset.

If you have any questions, concerns or wish more information in regard to this change, please feel free to contact Mark Lessard at 343-6519 or e-mail at