One of the most effective ways to combat graffiti is to photograph the graffiti, report it to the police, and then remove it immediately. Our goal within the Downtown Improvement District is to have graffiti removed within 24 hours of its appearance.

Working in close cooperation with the Anchorage Police Department, Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. Security & Maintenance Ambassadors are trained to spot and report graffiti. We also encourage downtown property owners, business owners, and residents to assist in keeping downtown graffiti-free. If you see graffiti, we encourage you to follow the process outlined below.

  • As soon as you see Graffiti on or around your property, please call our Maintenance Ambassadors at (907) 277-0141 (or leave a message) and provide:
    • Your Name and Company/Business
    • A phone number where you can be reached
    • Exact location of the Graffiti
  • Once ADP receives the call, a maintenance ambassador will be dispatched to take a picture of the Graffiti.
  • Once we have the picture of the Graffiti, we will file a complaint with the Anchorage Police department on your behalf.
  • Also, at that time a maintenance ambassador will be assigned to remove the graffiti within 24 business hours.
  • We will attempt to remove the Graffiti with our Graffiti removal products. If unsuccessful we will ask the Property manager/owner to get us matching paint and we will paint over the Graffiti. Note: we prefer paint that has been supplied by the property or business owner, but we will try to match our paint as close as possible if directed to from the property/business owner.

Thank you for helping us keep downtown Anchorage Clean, Safe, & Vital.