Assessment Renewal

Anchorage Downtown Partnership Ltd. (ADP) is a 501 6 non-profit entity charged with the management of the Downtown Improvement District (DID). Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. provides clean and safe services, marketing, and event promotion, and serves as an advocate for business and property owners within the DID on issues affecting downtown.

ADP is funded by two sources: assessment funds and non-assessment funds. The assessment provides between 50-60% of the total annual budget, with additional funds coming from membership fees, sponsorships, contracts, and fee-in-lieu of assessment grants.

The assessment is a renewal process that happens every 10 years, the most recent renewal year being 2020, the next being 2030. During these years the organization has the pleasure of reaching out to downtown property owners and requesting their continued support for the organization.

See the ADP’s Assessment Renewal’s Scope of Work here.