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Anchorage Downtown Partnership monitors the pulse of downtown Anchorage by tracking demographics, vacancy rates, and development activity to help you understand the market. Armed with small business experience, our team understands different perspectives and has the know-how to get things done. Anchorage Downtown Partnership is honored to be a partner in what keeps our city and downtown a special place people want to be: welcoming, clean, safe, vibrant, inclusive, and buzzing with the energy of opportunity and innovation.

Development Incentives
Development costs are continuing to rise. Fortunately, there are incentives in place to help reduce some of the costs associated with developing in downtown.

Property Tax Exemption/Deferral and Fee Waivers

In an effort to encourage redevelopment of underutilized, deteriorated properties, and to encourage economic development in downtown, the Municipality implemented a series of incentives for developers to help defray new construction costs, including:

  1. Partial or total exemption from real and personal property taxation on “economic development property” for up to five years (AMC 12.35.040) to improve the feasibility or long-term viability of an operation, program or project;
  2. Partial or total exemption from real and personal property taxation on “deteriorated property” for up to ten years (AMC 12.35.050) with boundaries that have been determined by the municipality after a public hearing; and,
  3. Partial waiver or total exemption from municipal fees for development of deteriorated property (AMC 12.35.055).

For more information, please contact the Municipality of Anchorage Economic & Community Development Office:

City Hall
632 W. 6th Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska 99501