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Nowhere else in Alaska is there an urban center that compares to Downtown Anchorage. With a strong economic base, cultural and historical attractions, natural beauty, and diverse recreational opportunities, Downtown Anchorage has long been considered Alaska’s civic and cultural destination.

The Downtown Comprehensive Plan provides a visions and a new direction and design standards to guide new growth and transform the city center into a vital, dynamic urban environment with a thriving economy, ensuring that Downtown will reach its full potential through a strategic planning approach.

The Downtown Comprehensive Plan provides a strategic framework to guide the future development of Downtown. It outlines a vision for a vibrant Northern city center that serves all of Alaska and welcomes the world—an active, walkable, mixed-use cultural and economic urban hub that is an exciting and livable place for residents, workers and visitors alike.

Central to achieving that vision is focusing and concentrating limited resources. Land uses must be coordinated to achieve their greatest synergy and potential; key facilities and amenities must be strongly linked through streetscape enhancements and good building design; catalytic projects must be developed in the right locations to stimulate additional development; and public improvements must be phased properly so that, when integrated with new development, they create a real sense of place and vitality.

The Anchorage Downtown Comprehensive Plan provides the blueprint for achieving success in the coming years.

Downtown Community Development Resources

There are a variety of plans, renderings and research that various downtown stakeholders have put together to help foster development throughout the Downtown Improvement District. These plans include current ongoing projects undertaken by private developers, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, Anchorage Economic Development Corporation, Anchorage Community Development Authority, and more. 

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