Facade Improvements

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As a core value, Anchorage Downtown Partnership assists Downtown property owners to help improve the cleanliness and outward appearance of downtown; to help decrease crime; to increase occupancy rates, investment values and lease income; and to generally stimulate economic development to improve the quality of life in downtown.

We believe that the design, brand and outward appearance of our community impacts the perceptions of whether our downtown is a welcoming community. Anchorage Downtown Partnership encourages property and business owners to keep the exterior of their building updated. We educate them on how lighting options can positively impact the safety and vibrancy of our neighborhood. We encourage our downtown stakeholders to take pride in their buildings.

We provide supplemental services such as graffiti removal to assist property and business owners in keeping their storefronts clean and kept.

We provide recommendations for exterior lighting to create a safer environment for downtown businesses, residents and visitors.