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We want to represent you!
Let us know whether or not you support Proposition 13, Amending the Anchorage Municipal Charter to authorize an alcoholic beverages retail sales tax and dedicating the net receipts revenue to public safety, health, and homelessness purposes, requiring voter approval to increase the tax or change the dedicated uses, and related matters.

Need more information, follow the link to view the ordinance: A) No. 2019-148 (s-1)*, As Amended

Commercial Property owners and Anchorage Downtown Partnership Members only, please take this brief survey to share your opinion: http://bit.ly/AlcTaxSurvey

Anchorage Downtown Partnership is  striving to give everyone in downtown and throughout Anchorage a voice in the roadmap for how our downtown evolves over the next 20 years and beyond. To that end, we are dedicated to being present and listening via online surveys, community councils, and citizen initiatives. It means Anchorage Downtown Partnership wants to partner with you and see how we can work together.