Biscuit Betties offers good, hearty biscuits with all kinds of goodness.


Whatever you like on top of your biscuits there is a good chance you can get it at Biscuit Betties. Located in The Inlet View coffee shop off 3rd Avenue at C Street you can get good coffee drinks and tasty breakfast biscuits.

Biscuit Betties opens at 7:30 am so you can pick up breakfast on your way to work, then they open again at 9 pm for the bar crowd.


I am partial to the breakfast sandwich (BettieWitch) and I have heard good reviews from co-workers on all Betties options.

The Nutty Bettie brings out the sweeter side.


The menu is simple yet manages to offer a nice variety of options. With a well made biscuit as the foundation there are lots of delicious eats to chose from at Biscuit Betties.

Stop by The Inlet View (1st floor of the 4th Avenue Marketplace) and try out Biscuit Betties. You can keep up with Betty on Facebook