HoughtonHill Jewelry & Home is a store full of fascinating artifacts and beautiful treasures.

As a fan of HoughtonHill jewelry I was interested to see what kind of home decor the creator of such amazing jewelry would find. From whimsical to grand HoughtonHill Home offers something for everyone’s taste.

HoughtonHill Jewelry carries only Alaska made items that can’t be found in other stores in Anchorage. This is your stop for quality, locally made jewelry.

Novelty items, such as a hippo scull, make it worth exploring.

HoughtonHill is full of treasures big and small and well worth taking some time. There is a lot to see, but the store feels classy and fun so you won’t get overwhelmed.

Inventory changes regularly so this is a fun store to visit regularly and give yourself time to wander and explore.

HoughtonHill Jewelry and Home is located at 720 D Street between 7th & 8th Avenues. You can visit their Facebook page for store hours.