About Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd.

Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. is a private 501 (c) 6 non-profit corporation charged with management of the Downtown Improvement District (DID). Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. provides clean, safe and vital services throughout the DID, provides marketing and event promotion throughout the DID, and serves as an advocate for the business and property owners within the DID on issues affecting downtown.

The Anchorage Downtown Improvement District (DID) covers 126 square blocks from 9th Avenue to 1st Avenue and from Gambell to L Street. Downtown property owners created the improvement district to help improve the cleanliness of downtown; to help decrease crime; to increase occupancy rates, investment values and lease income; and to generally stimulate economic development and improve the quality of life in downtown.

Simply put, property owners created the assessment district to transform downtown into a clean, safe and vibrant neighborhood.

Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd.’s budget comes from two sources: assessment funds from the DID and non-assessment funds. The assessment provides between 50-60% of the total budget for the organization annually, while non-assessment revenue comes from membership fees, sponsorships, contracts, and grants.

The Anchorage DID is the first in Alaska, though more than 1,000 exist in the US and Canada alone. Others DIDs served as models for creating the Anchorage DID.