Who To Call

Who do you call if there’s litter outside your property or business? Who do you call about broken streetlights or signs? Here we’ve compiled lists of the most useful numbers to call when you need assistance in downtown:

Graffiti Reporting Process

One of the most effective ways to combat graffiti is to photograph the graffiti, report it to the police, and then remove it immediately. Our goal within the Downtown Improvement District is to have graffiti removed within 24 hours of its appearance.
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Downtown Parking

Have questions about monthly rates? Need to know where to pay your tickets? Wonder which parking options are closest to your office and cheapest? Need to know where you can park if you are coming Downtown for a concert, dinner or to shop? We have just what you need! Check out the various parking companies’s options with our handy map and learn more about parking downtown. 
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Anchorage Safety Patrol (formerly CSP)

Businesses should call 343-4006 to report any inebriated or incapacitated individual to reach the Anchorage Saftey Patrol (ASP) formerly known as CSP.
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At the Municipality

Have a concern that you want to share with the Mayor? Need your street plowed? Have a broken light pole or street sign near your business? Here are the numbers you need to know for the Municipality of Anchorage:
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At Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd.

Need someone to come clean up a mess outside your store? Have a security concern? Have a downtown question and you’re not sure who to ask? Here are the numbers you need to know for Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd.:
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