Downtown To-Go BINGO!

Support your favorite downtown restaurants by eating the food you love and winning prizes! 

In an effort to support our local downtown restaurants Anchorage Downtown Partnership Ltd. presents Downtown To-Go Bingo! A fun way for the community to support the service industry so greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Print off or screenshot your personalized Bingo Card by clicking on the number that corresponds to what day your Birthday is on.
  2. Next, order take-out from your favorite eateries and save your receipt. A list of participating businesses, their hours, services, contact information, and a link to their website can be found HERE. For businesses that have since closed their doors or are taking a break like the International House of Hot-dogs, you can count their space as a “wild card”.
  3. Once you’ve completed a row, vertical, horizontal, or diagonal yell out BINGO! at the top of your lungs and then calmly email images of all the receipts that make up your bingo win and a selfie of you and your bingo sheet.
  4. Collect your Downtown Partnership Ltd. Water Bottle!
Rules and Regulations
  • One Bingo win per person
  • Receipts must current, no receipts prior to 3/19/2020 can be used. Images of receipts must show the participating  business name and date clearly.

Click HERE for your Downtown Dinning To-Go options!

Free Curbside parking for pick-up orders generously donated by EasyPark!

Get your own Anchorage Downtown Partnership Ltd. water bottle!