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Are you interested in planning an event downtown?! Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. is here to help! From equipment rentals to pertinent permitting information, we have the resources and information to help make your event a huge success! We assist in a variety of ways, from an organized space activation placemaking program to partnering with downtown business owners and organizations on individual downtown events.


Event Rentals

Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. has a large inventory of equipment available to rent for events and other needs. Rental costs include set-up and take-down during normal Operations hours, and ADP members receive a discount on rentals. To learn more, check out the Equipment Inventory below. To view our inventory, and to download the rental form, please click here. 

To order or for questions, please contact:

ADP Shop: 907-277-0141

ADP Main Office: 907-279-5650


Anchorage Downtown Placemaking

Anchorage Downtown Placemaking works to bring positive energy and use to downtown’s parks and public spaces. The program facilitates collaborative use of these spaces through inspiration, coordination, and reducing existing barriers to entry. Together with partnering organizations, Anchorage Downtown Placemaking allows space activation programming to more easily fill the downtown parksTown Square, Peratrovich Park, and the 5th Ave Rooftop Park, as well as other empty public spaces in downtown: alleyways, vacant store fronts, street corners, etc. Anchorage Downtown Placemaking packages together rental equipment, venue space, and assistance with permitting and marketing to make it easy and efficient for your business or organization to host an event downtown. The program also includes the organization of weekly community programming throughout the summer, offering fitness classes, theater and dance lessons, and more.

During the first two summers of the program, over 150 small scale events were held in Town Square Park and Peratrovich Park, including regular weekly fitness classes, concerts, theater performances, buskers, art displays, and more!

General Event Planning

If you are interested in hosting an event outside of downtown or want to partner with Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. to host a larger scale event, please reach out to us directly. We are always on the lookout for creative ways to host more community events!

General Event Inquiries:

Main Office: 907-279-5650