Join Anchorage Downtown Partnership in the revitalization of Town Square Park through 144 Activities in Town Square Park! Located in the heart of downtown, Town Square Park offers the perfect location to enjoy every minute our summer has to offer—host a company picnic, throw a small party or gathering with games and music, or even showcase your business or organization.
Check out what’s happening this summer for 144 Days of Activities Here!

144 Activities in Town Square Park

We invite you: Anchorage businesses and organizations, to fill the park with activities of your choice this summer, beginning May 15th.

Check out our Events Calendar to find open dates!

What Does is Take to Host An Activity in the Park?

  1. Choose a fun activity.
  2. Fill out the form below.
  3. Send payment to ADP.
  4. ADP will reach out to you.

Starting at $99, your business or organization can join 144 Activities in Town Square Park. The $99 registration fee delivers assistance from ADP with necessary permitting, reservation of your activity’s date and time, and listings on ADP’s 144 Activities online calendar/social media outlets. The 144 Activities in Town Square logo and brand must be displayed on your activity’s marketing. At the $99 base rate you also receive use of the “space activation trailer” which includes basic yard games (see below for a complete list), in case you just want to come and enjoy a summer afternoon in the park.

Your business or organization will be responsible for planning, carrying out and marketing your activity. You have the option to request additional resources in planning and equipment with increased costs. Please see our Equipment Rental Brochure for more information; make sure to specify your event is part of 144 Activities in Town Square Park.

Let ADP ensure each activity fulfills your goals through assistance with coordination and communication, while bringing visitors and fresh energy into Town Square Park. We are here to help you plan out an exciting summer event!

The fun begins May 15th; so don’t hesitate to reserve your spot today. Use the form below to register or contact Rosie Frankowski at for more information.

Space Activation Trailer includes: 8-10 hula hoops, 4-square playground ball, ladder toss, corn hole, sidewalk chalk, 3 jump ropes, 6-8 “bubbles” containers, small soccer ball, 10-12 small orange safety cones, 2 sets of badminton rackets and shuttlecocks, Chess, Checkers and Twister.

Fill out our online form.

If you are a busker interested in playing in the park, please visit Calling All Buskers to apply.

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