Do you like eating great food? Need an excuse to come downtown? Downtown Dining Week is here! For 10 days straight, April 8th – April 17th, 2016, downtown restaurants will offer great lunch and dinner specials. Its a hassle-free program to experience downtown’s thriving culinary scene!Crush_Food

Anchorage’s Downtown Dining Week features set-priced specials for lunch ($10 or $15) and for dinner ($30), at 26 restaurants throughout Downtown Anchorage for 10 days.

Visit the Downtown Dining Week website featuring all restaurants and specials, as well as a map of the discounted parking lots!


What is is all about?

It’s simple: Downtown Dining Week is a celebration of our downtown culture, focused on the amazing restaurants and the diversity of food that they offer. Come and join us!
Twenty-six downtown restaurants will feature set-price specials of $10 or $15 for lunch and $30 for a multi-course dinner. Just walk into a participating restaurant and choose their Downtown Dining Week special of the day. All participating restaurants will even have SWAG for you, courtesy of Anchorage Downtown Partnership Ltd.! Don’t forget to post a pic of you and your swag with #ANCdiningweek to our Facebook page.

Help create the buzz!

Be sure to “like” the Anchorage Downtown Partnership Ltd. Facebook page which will feature specials of the day at participating restaurants, and other fun events going on downtown. When you dine out, take a pic and post it using #ANCdiningweek to the Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, or your own profile. Let us know what your favorite special is!

Here’s a sneak peak at the restaurants participating this year…

2016 Participating Restaurants

  1. Crush Wine Bistro & Cellar | 343 W. 6th Avenue
  2. Flattop Bar | 600 W. 6th Avenue
  3. Fletcher’s | 939 W. 5th Avenue
  4. Ghost Light Cafe |
  5. Ginger | 425 W. 5th Avenue
  6. Glacier Brewhouse | 737 W. 5th Avenue Ste 110
  7. Hard Rock Café | 415 E Street
  8. Haute Quarter Grill | 525 W. 4th Avenue
  9. Humpy’s | 610 W. 6th Avenue
  10. Midnight Sun Café | 245 W. 5th Ave, Ste 106
  11. Moose A’la Mode | 360 K Street
  12. Muse | 625 C Street
  13. MyThai | 333 W. 4th Ave #228
  14. Orso | 737 W. 5th Avenue
  15. Pangea | 508 W. 6th Avenue
  16. Sack’s Café | 328 G Street
  17. Sheraton (Jade Cafe) | 401 E. 6th Avenue
  18. Simon & Seafort’s | 420 L Street
  19. Snow City Café | 1034 W 4th Avenue
  20. Sub Zero | 614 F Street
  21. Sullivan’s Steak House | 320 W. 5th Avenue
  22. Uncle Joe’s Pizzeria | 428 G Street
  23. Urban Greens | 304 G Street
  24. Westmark (Solstice Cafe) | 720 W. 5th Avenue
  25. Whale’s Tail | 939 W. 5th Avenue
  26. Williwaw | 609 F Street

Questions about the program? Feel free to call us at 907-279-5650



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