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Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. has more than 200 members, representing a variety of business sectors. Each month we will be featuring a different business member. Take a few minutes to learn about some of the amazing businesses that support our mission of making downtown clean, safe, and vital!

Member Spotlight


Business Name: Stephan Fine Arts

Name:Becky Stephan

Title: Owner/ Gallery Director

Tell us about your company.

Stephan Fine Arts prides itself on its forward-leaning take on art, highlighting original artwork primarily by artists from the local Alaskan scene to the international level, with a goal of bringing our patrons a therapeutic experience through the visual arts. Second-gen owner, Becky Stephan, was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, and thrives on making sure artists receive the respect they so deserve for digging deep and sharing their love through visual mediums. Our world is a better place when we engage in art forms that echo our inner longings, struggles, and help us to be more in touch with our universe, our environment, and our very selves. Open 10am – 10pm daily year-round.

What was the inspiration for opening your business?

My father opened the gallery with the intention of sharing international artists, such as Salvador Dali and Norman Rockwell, with the Alaskan audience. Whereas, my inspiration was to help him out for a few hours per week during his transition into retirement. Lo and behold, that quickly turned into a deep love for the business of representing artists – and I owned the business outright within a couple years! I am a proud solo woman-owned corporation who employs up to 10 locals at any given time in a market that is relentlessly difficult as much as it is exciting and challenging – the Alaska art market! But it’s worth every late night and early morning!

Why did you choose downtown?

Downtown chose me. I bought the gallery from my father in 2005. We are thrilled to be in the Hotel Captain Cook, where we have been instrumental in creating a First Friday Art Walk environment that includes food, drinks, live music, several artists, and a welcome staff who “puts on the ritz” just for the patrons we love! Every First Friday, our artists give a 30-minutes talk about their current inspirations and direction they’ve taken in their art journey.

What is your favorite thing about Downtown?

I love the ease of finding your way downtown, with the streets numbers and letters very predictable. I love that it’s on the water; only a 5-minute walk, and you’re on the Coastal Trail! The views are amazing from The Crow’s Nest. The more vital we make our downtown, the more vital Anchorage is on the whole.

What is one thing you want people to know about your business?

I want people to know that yes, we’re a business, but we’re here mainly to bring our community a place where they can just be, look around, pick things up, talk to us about art, and essentially just immerse themselves in art. I worked many years making sure it was a stable company, and now it’s time to give back to the community who kept our doors open through more difficult periods of the past, such as the 2008 recession, and will hopefully continue in future challenges we’ll face as a State and community. They were there for us, now we’re there for them!