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Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. is a non-profit organization working to enhance the vibrancy of the downtown community. We accomplish this by hosting free community events in downtown Anchorage! They range from small outdoor concert series to large festivals and ceremonies. The purpose of our events is to:

  • Bring vibrancy to downtown
  • Activate underused space
  • Stimulate economic development for downtown businesses
  • Introduce a new, diverse populous into downtown
  • Provide family-friendly activities
  • Decrease crime
  • Improve quality of life in downtown

Our events are funded primarily through sponsorship dollars and community support. Our status as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization allows charitable contributions from sponsors to be tax-deductible.

There are a variety of ways your business or organizations can participate in Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. events. From downtown storefront direct participation in events like Trick or Treat Street and Summer Solstice, to sponsoring our multiple summer concert series, to being a vendor at one of our annual signature events–we are always looking for help and community participation.

Sponsor an Event

As a nonprofit membership organization, we rely on the support and partnership of sponsors to help fulfill our mission of creating a clean, safe and vibrant downtown. We are always looking for like-minded collaborators who want to ensure high-impact event programming and who are ready to invest in a cultural, welcoming downtown. If you want to explore a tailored partnership, we’ll put together a plan that’s mutually beneficial and meaningful.

For more information about sponsorship, please contact our office at:


Phone: (907) 279-5650