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Snow removal services include plowing, shoveling, ice melt and sweeping. We do not provide snow removal off site. You must have an area available on site to pile snow. We remove snow from sidewalks, parking lots, walkways and around businesses or residences. To melt ice, we use Arctic Melt, an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe ice melt, and R.V. Antifreeze, which is used sparingly to remove ice, and is non-toxic to animals and people.

According to Anchorage Municipal Code 24.80.090, “it is the property owner’s responsibility to keep the right of way area adjacent to their property free of snow and ice”. We understand that you might not have the equipment or time to effectively do so, which is why we offer snow removal services.

The Operations Director will assess the amount of snow prior to deciding when the work begins.  Most snow removal operations will begin at 7:00 am and last until 7:00 pm (Monday thru Friday).  The operations team will have an on call crew as needed if weekend work is required.  However, due to equipment and personnel constraints, this will be only in extreme cases.  The Operations Team’s goal is to have cleared one complete lane (for pedestrians) to be able to get to and from their place of employment, shopping, etc. The Operations Team goal is to have the 122 blocks of the downtown completely cleared of snow within their 12 hour shift.

Snow Maps

Check out the maps below to find out where you can expect to see our equipment – and when – during our snow removal work. The maps are broken up according to the piece of equipment. We aim to complete our first passes prior to most businesses opening and workers arriving. Our second pass covers areas that need extra attention, clean up along first pass routes as well as any secondary streets.

Contract Snow Removal Services

ADP will not be performing external contracts for the winter season of 2022-23. ADP is dedicated to the removal of all snow/trash within the Downtown Improvement District. Due to changes post-pandemic, ADP has found that contracts greatly impact ADP’s ability to complete our primary mission of clearing the sidewalks for the citizens of downtown. To learn more about this change, please read our memorandum for record.

If you have questions or comments about snow removal in the street, please contact the Municipality of Anchorage Street Maintenance.



Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. also sells ice melt bags to keep sidewalks and entryways safe and slip-free throughout the winter months.

To learn more or order, visit Ice Melt Bags Here.


For any questions, please contact:

ADP Main Office

ADP Shop

Maintenance Winter Hours
5:00am – 4:00pm


Anchorage Municipal Code 24.80.090 states:

“it is the property owner’s responsibility to keep the right of way area adjacent to their property free of snow and ice ” and “an occupant of land… which is adjacent to a public sidewalk shall be responsible for the removal of any accumulation of snow and the removal or treatment of any ice that may accumulate, form or be deposited thereon.”