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“Seeing this video makes me proud to be a part of downtown Anchorage” – Rowina Kehr

A key part of our mission is increasing the vitality of downtown. What constitutes “vitality” in a downtown district: the life, energy, enthusiasm and health of our local businesses, residents, visitors and places.

Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. offers key services aimed at increasing vitality through downtown all year long. We host community events, including a summer weekly live music concert series and weekly outdoor free fitness classes, encourage and support local businesses and organizations hosting their own events in downtown public spaces, manage coordination and promotion in the downtown cultural and art scene, advocate for positive programming in downtown public areas, provide information for visitors and tourists, and partner with a variety of organizations to be a resource for the downtown community. A few key initiatives include the Live After Five Summer Concert Series, Anchorage Downtown Placemaking, our Summer Greeter Program, and more.

We are always looking for more ways to increase the vitality of downtown Anchorage, so please reach out to us with your ideas and suggestions.

Community Information

Anchorage Downtown Partnership Ltd. produces marketing materials about our events, our organization and our community.

Things To Do in Downtown in 4 Hours of Less 2017

411 on Downtown Anchorage

Summer Rack Card 2017

Summer Greeter Program

In 2005, downtown business owners expressed concerns to Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. about the availability of tour bus loading & unloading locations within downtown. To address their concerns — concerns shared by tour company operators as well — ADP worked with the Municipality and Anchorage Community Development Authority to create additional tour bus loading & unloading locations along 4th Avenue where visitors could get off the motorcoaches to spend 2-4 hours in downtown Anchorage.

The program has been a success, with over 131,982 additional visitors being dropped off & picked back up in downtown Anchorage since 2005.

ADP staffs a Greeter Station on 4th Avenue to provide information (brochures, coupons, maps & flyers of downtown businesses) to motorcoach guests, as well as any visitors who may already be in downtown. ADP also produces its own informational brochures on Things To Do in Downtown 2017, as well as a guide to commonly asked questions called 411 on Downtown Anchorage.