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The Hope Wall Mural Project 

Anchorage Downtown Partnership Ltd is partnering with renowned Alaskan artist, Steve Gordon, to create an original, community-painted mural in downtown Anchorage. In the words of the artist himself, “The explosion of botanical life that emerges in Alaska once the snow of winter has been burned away by the returning sun seemed an apt metaphor for the return of life post-Covid. Hope is an internal resource that sustains people during times of trial like a worldwide pandemic. The gathering together of all the different wildflowers shows the beauty that exists in our diversity as people from all walks of life gather together. The ribbons the birds carry to the light express the shared hopes of the community. What five words most express your core ideals? What kind of person would you like to become? What are your hopes for Anchorage? “The Hope Wall” is a reminder to the community of what we are for.” These thoughts will be gathered on paint day and later incorporated into the mural.

Members of the community are invited to Town Square Park on Saturday August 28th between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm to help paint the mural. Four-foot square sections of mural fabric will be laid out on folding tables throughout Town Square with artists supervising the painting tables. Like a giant paint by number, you’ll have the opportunity to paint the shapes with color and add your five words of hope as input for the Hope Wall. Everything that you’ll need to paint the mural will be provided.

Later in September, the mural fabric will be mounted to the wall of the Halfling Building on the corner of 7th Ave and E Street.

DATE: Saturday, August 28th, 2021
LOCATION: Town Square Park
WHAT: Experienced local artists will supervise 20 paint stations which will be outfitted with all of the paint and materials needed. The public is invited to show up and paint part of this magnificent mural. The mural pieces will be puzzled back together and installed on the building wall about two weeks after the community workshop in early September. There is no cost to participate in the event.

This event is another FREE community event brought to you by Anchorage Downtown Partnership Ltd.