Bubbly Mermaid Oyster Bar provides a fresh oyster fix for those who love Alaskan oysters.

Take a seat at the boat named the Bubbly Mermaid that is the seating and you are set to taste fresh Alaskan oysters done right.

Raw oysters, oysters Rockefeller, oysters with Worchestershire and bacon…take your pick. You can also get crab cakes which are fantastic and there is fresh shrimp cocktail and a dish with Alaskan scallops too.

Bubbly Mermaid focuses on fresh and does it well. They also have a great selection of bubbling wines and beers.

They have breakfast fare too which I will have to go back and try, but with all the good choices I have a feeling I may have to go back again and again.

Someone told me that the crab cake eggs benedict is unbelievable and now they never want to eat anything else.

I went last Saturday with friends to try out Bubbly Mermaid for the first time and before we left we made plans to go again.

Bubbly Mermaid Oyster Bar is located at 417 D Street between 4th and 5th Avenues, next to Cyrano’s. They open at noon daily.