If you’ve got a passion for Cinema and Theatre and have excellent leadership and organizational skills, the role of theatre manager could be for you!

As a theatre manager, you’ll have responsibility for the personnel, financial and administrative aspects of the theatre. You’ll need to be commercially minded as you may be responsible for leading marketing and publicity activities.

You’ll recruit and manage staff from the box office to back stage and will be responsible for some HR processes such as training.

Customer care is also a crucial part of the role to ensure the public gets the most out of their experience when visiting the theatre.


As a theatre manager, you’ll need to:

  • plan forthcoming events, where you’ll have to apply knowledge of audiences, ensure a balance between different types of productions, be aware of which productions have been well received elsewhere;
  • liaise and negotiate with production companies to plan the programme of work;
  • take responsibility for all staff in the theatre, who may be involved in areas such as marketing, finance and artistic production;
  • oversee training for front of house and stage door staff;
  • ensure that the theatre meets the requirements of health and safety laws;
  • attend marketing meetings and undertake marketing activities;
  • deal with the budget;
  • negotiate with any charities and funding bodies providing financial backing;
  • network with local industry and communities, educational organizations, relevant bodies and the public and encourage engagement in artistic activities;
  • keep in touch with other theatre managers and producers in order to stay up to date with developments and new productions;
  • interface with Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. events and activities

Working hours

Due to theatre opening times, working hours are generally varied based on scheduled events. You’ll be expected to regularly carry out weekend and evening work.

This job is full time and you’ll be employed by Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd.


You can become a theatre manager with a degree in any subject, but the following may be particularly helpful:

  • arts administration;
  • arts management;
  • business studies/management;
  • drama/theatre studies.

Entry without a degree may be possible as practical theatre experience; dedication and enthusiasm are rated highly.


You will need to have:

  • excellent communication skills for dealing with the public, staff and other related companies;
  • strong organizational abilities to plan productions;
  • business acumen for making sure the theatre is profitable;
  • leadership abilities to manage staff;
  • team work skills and the ability to work alone;
  • attention to detail to make sure all aspects of the theatre run smoothly;
  • flexibility and the ability to juggle priorities;
  • problem-solving skills to deal with issues that may relate to HR, finance or something to do with the production;
  • the ability to work well under pressure, as theaters can be a fast-paced environment.

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