Anchorage Downtown Partnership

Keeping Downtown Anchorage clean, safe, and vital.

Creating and maintaining a clean, safe, and vital Downtown Anchorage takes commitment and passion. We take pride that no other neighborhood, in or around Anchorage, can provide a more unique and diverse experience on a consistent basis.

Anchorage Downtown Partnership works year-round with many stakeholders to carry out programs, initiatives, and services, which enhance the vibrancy of the Downtown Anchorage community, as well as help stimulate economic activity for local businesses.

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We are hiring!

We are accepting applications to join our team as a Downtown Ambassador!
ADP’s Ambassadors are responsible for keeping downtown clean, removing snow, and supporting ADP’s events. ADP offers competitive wages and benefits.

Be Part of ADP’s First Community Storytelling Project

We believe our neighborhood’s stories are ones worth sharing – and we need you to help make it all happen!

We’re setting out on a project to tell the story of WHY our neighborhood is special and vital to Anchorage, Alaska, as a whole. We know that our neighborhood holds a rich history, and that it takes a special community of people to make Downtown Anchorage the city’s premier neighborhood for arts, culture, dining, local commerce, and current events. We want to tell Downtown Anchorage’s story by highlighting the people — business owners, artists & artisans, neighbors, visitors, community leaders, Anchorage residents, and the like — and places and experiences that make up our neighborhood’s social tapestry and sense of place.