The Anchorage Downtown Partnership is here to work for you.

Our end goal is to help ensure that Downtown Anchorage is not only a place to build and sustain thriving local businesses, but also that it remains clean, safe, vital, and a world-class neighborhood that instills awe in visitors and pride in those lucky enough to call our city home.

Our aim is to always work with neighborhood stakeholders–business & property owners, neighborhood and greater Anchorage residents, and others–to understand their concerns and visions for a better downtown. Our approach is to actively work to bring our stakeholder’s voices into the fold and advocate on issues of importance to our neighborhood.

Homelessness in Downtown Anchorage

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Municipality of Anchorage Transit Study

10.24.2023 UPDATE: The Downtown Transit Center comment period has CLOSED. Follow this page for more updates.

Anchorage People Mover is beginning the process of relocating the Downtown Transit Center, and is seeking public comment to help inform decision-making and next steps. Anchorage People Mover is hosting a virtual open house, where residents, business owners, and other stakeholders are asked to visit and encouraged to share their feedback before Oct. 20.

Downtown Community Council

The Downtown Community Council is a chapter of Anchorage Federation of Community Councils, and is a grassroots group comprised of a diverse array of stakeholders to serve as a collective voice of our neighborhood. Committee meetings provide a relaxed, informal setting where you may come with comments or concerns. Subjects brought up can be worked out at committee level and if needed, brought to the main Council meeting on your behalf. 

Mayor's Monthly Meeting with Downtown Business Owners

Downtown business owners are invited to a monthly meeting with Mayor Bronson & senior Municipal staff, to discuss public safety and other needs. The meeting will take place on the second Wednesday of each month, from 11 a.m. – noon, at City Hall.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, Dec. 13.

Proposed 2024 Operating and Capital Budgets for Municipality of Anchorage

UPDATE: At the Nov. 21 regular meeting of the Anchorage Assembly, the Assembly voted to pass the Mayor’s 2024 Operating and Capital Budgets and Six-Year Fiscal Program with special amendments. Implementation of the budget program will begin in January 2024, with a first-quarter revisionary process to take place in April 2024.

Click here to learn about capital improvement projects slated in Mayor Dave Bronson’s 2024-2029 Proposed Capital Improvement Program. Here are just a few projects of interest to our neighborhood:

  • $4m to traffic light signal upgrades
  • $1.5m trail connector project, from the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail terminus on 2nd Ave. to Ship Creek Trail.
  • About $10m in routine maintenance projects; pedestrian safety improvements, facilities, etc.
  • Key Items of Interest in Mayor Bronson’s 2024 Operating Budget:
    • Investments in public safety (Police and Fire)
    • Core services remain intact (Police, Fire, Health, Parks & Recreation, Street Maintenance)
    • Addresses the needs of Anchorage’s homeless population
    • Added resources for snowplowing removal
    • Increased investments in early childhood education and Best Beginnings • Continuation of public transit route 85
    • Paying off more debt than is being incurred
  • Municipality of Anchorage Plan Moving Forward:
    • A focused effort to reduce debt
    • Eliminate unnecessary burdensome government policies, regulations, and practices
    • Finding efficiencies
    • Reducing property taxes

State of Alaska's Proposed Lighting and Signal Upgrades to 4th Ave.

Read the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities’ letter to the Downtown Community Council, regarding a proposed lighting and signal modernization project along 4th Ave. that has implications for some of Downtown Anchorage’s historic buildings. Click here for the full desktop review of the project from True North Sustainable Development Solutions.