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Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. is overseen by a Board of Directors representing distinct membership categories. The bylaws for Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. require specific representation from: (a) downtown property owners, (b) downtown residents, (c) downtown businesses, (d) public agencies, (e) professional service providers, and (f) at-large members.

2023 Board of Directors

Michelle Klouda — President

Seat expires 2023

RIM Architects

Gretchen Fauske — Past President

Seat expires 2023

Alaska Center for Economic Development

Mark Begich — Vice President

Seat expires 2024

Northern Compass Group

Larry Michael – Vice President

Seat expires 202

Arctic Fox Inn Bed and Breakfast

Eric Ritner – Treasurer

Seat expires 2024

Real Estate Solutions of Alaska

Laile Fairbairn — Secretary

Seat expires 2023

Locally Grown Restaurants

Scott Woodland

Seat expires 2024

The Laundry Group, LLC

Cyrus Aldeman

Seat expires 2024

Anchorage Trolley Tours

Julie Saupe (Ex-Officio)

Visit Anchorage 

Kathleen McArdle

Anchorage Chamber of Commerce

Danielle Bailey

Seat expires 2024

Alaska Bar Association

Brad Erickson

Seat expires 2024

The Broken Blender

Katherine Jernstrom 

Seat expires 2024

The Boardroom

Joe Lumpkin

Seat expires 2023

Regal North Commercial

Matt Samuel

Seat expires 2024

McKinley Properties/Diamond Parking Services

Shanna Zuspan

Seat expires 2023

Agnew::Beck Consulting

Christy Terry

Seat expires 2025

Alaska Railroad

Emily McLaughlin

Seat expires 2025

Thompson & Co. Public Relations

Erik Taylor

Seat expires 2025

PTP Management, Inc.

Jenna Wright

Anchorage Economic Development Corporation

Thank you to all who served in the past on our Board of Directors. Our neighborhood continues to thrive today due to your dedication, leadership, and thoughtful contributions.

Jim Blasingame, Alaska Railroad Corporation | Larry Cash, RIM Architects | Linda Chase, Events Specialist | Lee Chipman, Hilton Anchorage Downtown | Nez Danguilan, Cafe d’Amor | Stacia Gillam, Nerland Agency | Nancy Harbour, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts | Bill Hess, The Rusty Harpoon | George Hieronymus, Rasmuson Foundation | Erma Howell, Furniture Classics | Michael Janson, KPMG | Jill Kerich, Wells Fargo | Louise Lazur, Anchorage CVB | Opal Meyers, Homeowner | Bob Neumann, Grizzly’s Inc. | John Pattee, The Gaslight Lounge & The Avenue Bar | Sharon Richards, YWCA of Anchorage | Mary Rohlfing, Media Productions Associates | Nancy Schoephester, Phillips Alaska, Inc. | Ilene Sylvester, Southcentral Foundation | Mark Sutherlin, Anchorage Daily News | Rod Udd, Anchorage Chrysler Dodge | Wanda Wilson, AT&T Alascom | Garrett Wong, Resolution Management | Chris Anderson, Glacier Brewhouse | Sgt. Gary Apperson, Anchorage Police Department | Jim Brady, Brady & Company | Heidi Bond, Nordstrom | Laile Fairbairn, Snow City Cafe | Sandy Harper, Cyrano’s Book Store | Kevin Kenny, Anchorage Parking Authority | Dave Harbour, Honorary Founding Board Member | Sue Linford, Linford of Alaska, Inc. | Lt. Tom Nelson, Anchorage Police Department | Anna Mae Rocker, All Ways Travel | Sean Halloran, Hartig & Rhodes | Chief Rosie Brown, Elmendorf AFB | Craig Cook, Cook Attorney at Law | Tim Rogers, MOA Office of the Municipal Manager | Mayor Wuerch, Municipality of Anchorage | Allan Tesche, Anchorage Assembly | Mary Rohlfing, E Street Terrace | Kevin Batters, Hilton Downtown Anchorage | Jana Hayenga, Cabin Fever | Daniel Mitchell, RIM Architects | Schawna Thoma, Municipality of Anchorage | Allan Budahl, Marriott Anchorage Downtown | Mayor Mark Begich, Municipality of Anchorage | Tennys Owens, Artiques, Ltd. | Leann Taylor, About Face, Inc. | Jamie Boring, Alaska Backpacker’s Inn | Tony Cange, Koniag Development Corp. | Laura Brooks Cantrell, Wiley Brooks Co., Inc. | Mitch Lavey, Days Inn | Mark Marlow, McKinley Tower | Lottie Michael, Bond, Stevens, & Johnson | Mike Neely, Diamond Parking Services | Steve Ribuffo, Port of Anchorage | Silvia Villamides, Anchorage CHARR | Darrel Hess, Municipality of Anchorage | Ron Pollock, Anchorage Community Development Authority | Sami Glascott, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce | Julie Saupe, Visit Anchorage | Mayor Dan Sullivan, Municipality of Anchorage | Patrick Flynn, Anchorage Assembly | Bryan Aurand, Royal Celebrity Tours | James Dougherty, RIM Architects | Gideon Garcia, HAP-Alaska/Yukon | Michael Hurst, Glacier Brewhouse & Orso | James Minton, Alaska Travel Industry Association | Daniel Mitchell, KPMG | Clai Porter, NCP Design/Build | Marcia Chambers, Cange + Chambers | Duncan Harrison, Property Owner | Thomas Deakins, Northern Service Center | Raquel Edelin, Hotel Captain Cook | Stephen Welch, Simon Properties | Andrew Halcro, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce | Dan Kendall, Municipality of Anchorage | Bill Popp, Anchorage Economic Development Corporation | Mark Filipenko, Bond Commercial Properties | Brit Szymoniak, The Boardroom | Brian Borguno, Anchorage Community Development Authority | Cyrus Alderman, Anchorage Trolley Tours | Steve Czajkowski, Anchorage Police Department | Chris Linn, 49th State Brewing Company | Chris McBeath, Sheraton Downtown Anchorage | Kirk Rose, Anchorage Community Land Trust | Paul Wackrow, NeighborWorks Anchorage | Alison Kear, Covenant House Alaska | Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, Municipality of Anchorage | Martin Perry, Orso | Steve Zelener, Zelener Group | Christopher Constant, Anchorage Assembly | Seth Andersen, Arete, LLC | Gretchen Fauske, University of Alaska Anchorage | Bill Fischer, Main Event Catering | Michelle Gallagher, RIM Architects | Sandy Harper, Cyrano’s | Katherine Jernstrom, The Boardroom | Doug Lamkin, NeighborWorks Anchorage | Ryan Mae Lucas, Regal North Commercial | Joe Lumpkin, Regal North Commercial | Kristine Rickard, Boom Ba Laddy’s | Pierce Schwalb, Bike Anchorage | Holly Spoth-Torres, Huddle AK | Darryl Wong, 4th Avenue Marketplace | Shana Zuspan, Agnew::Beck | David McCarthy, 49th State Brewing Company | Grant Breager, JL Properties | Eric Ritner, Homeowner | Lisa Sauder, Bean’s Cafe | Matt Samuel, Homeowner | Melinda Gant, Anchorage Community Development Authority | Shara Cooley, Covenant House Alaska | Eric Ritner, Real Estate Solutions Alaska | Scott Woodland, Alaska Cleaners | Mike Robbins, Anchorage Community Development Authority | Mayor Dave Bronson, Municipality of Anchorage | Matt Samuel, Homeowner | Bruce Bustamante, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce | Bill Popp, Anchorage Economic Development Corporation