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ADP Maintenance Shop: (907) 277-0141

Hours of Operation: 7 days a week, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The Maintenance Team provides supplemental services for Downtown Anchorage within the approximately 120 blocks of the Downtown Improvement District. Maybe you have seen them on the street picking up trash, responding to graffiti, or at one of the many events that take place throughout downtown. Maintenance Ambassadors provide services designed to:

  • Maintain a clean, attractive and orderly downtown.
  • Ensure downtown Anchorage as the best place to live, work, shop, and play.
  • Provide assistance for public space maintenance issues.
  • Serve as Ambassadors of downtown for visitors, residents, businesses, and property owners.
  • Partner with public entities in enhancing our community-based quality of life.

The work of our Maintenance Ambassadors is funded by assessment fees paid by property owners within the Downtown Improvement District. Learn more here.

Our Maintenance Ambassadors routinely use pressure washers to address reports of unsanitary waste throughout the Downtown Improvement District.

Our Maintenance Ambassadors use weed whackers to cut down invasive species on downtown properties, and a non-toxic solution to keep them at bay.

Our Maintenance Ambassadors work closely with the Anchorage Police Department to keep track of reports of graffiti. Our Maintenance Ambassadors are also known for their prompt responses to reports of graffiti, typically cleaning graffiti up in no more than 24 hours after a report is made.

In addition to routine trash pick-up and disposal duties throughout the Downtown Improvement District, our Maintenance Ambassadors are available to dispose of unsightly trash and hazardous waste at the request of downtown business owners. (Please note: trash and waste that is the result of daily business proceedings is the business’ responsibility to dispose of, and is not part of our Maintenance Ambassadors’ daily beautification tasks.)

Snow removal services include plowing, shoveling, ice melt and sweeping. We do not provide snow removal off site. You must have an area available on site to pile snow. Learn more here.

ADP sells ice melt for a price you can’t beat: $16.99 a bag! Learn more here.

Available in summer and fall, our Maintenance Ambassadors can help downtown businesses maintain internal cleanliness through assisting with gravel sweeping and disposal.