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Safety Ambassadors

As the “eyes and ears” of Downtown, Safety Ambassadors (SAs) serve and assist local businesses and our thousands of visitors as they patrol the streets.

Safety Ambassadors provide a helping hand by assisting emergency services personnel with traffic accidents, intervening with youth at risk and by providing helpful directions.

Working closely with Anchorage Police and other emergency response services, Safety Ambassadors have become a vital part of making downtown Anchorage a better – and safer – place.


Safety Ambassadors Start New Night Shift January 1, 2019

Click here to view the feature of the Night Shift Program on KTUU.

Starting January 1, Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. will begin a night shift Safety Ambassador patrol from 8 pm – 5 am, Tuesdays through Saturdays.

The night shift will allow for 2 Safety Ambassadors to circuit the Downtown Improvement District (DID) and provide 24-hour patrol for the majority of the week. The pair will travel via ADP Maintenance & Security Truck rather than on foot for the duration of the night shift. 

Sundays and Mondays will not have the 24-hour night shift past 8 pm but will facilitate ADP’s normal clean and safe services from 5am – 8pm. The traditional amount of Ambassador Crews will be on shift every day with 6 Safety Ambassadors and 4 Maintenance Ambassadors per shift during the morning, afternoon and evening hours allowing full-coverage of the DID with patrol and maintenance services.

The pilot program is to assist downtown property and business owners to help move the transient population who are illegally sleeping or congregating in private property or public parks that are closed to the public after 11pm.

There has been an increase of people sleeping in the dark corners and entrances of the buildings to access heat coming off of the buildings and to gain protection from the elements. This behavior escalates safety risks and cleanup efforts the next morning for both the property owners and ADP Ambassadors. At 5 am, our maintenance team takes over on their normal morning routes for cleaning on snow removal. 

“There was a need from our downtown stakeholders for assistance in preventing homeless to sleep in the nooks and crannies of their buildings. We decided to implement a night shift with our ambassadors and automatically saw an improvement and heard positive results from the downtown residents, business and property owners just after a week. We plan on continuing due to the success in the DID.” – Paul Rochford, ADP Operations Director

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