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The Wool Sock Project

Mikey Huff dreamt up The Wool Sock Project as a way to learn more about the people that call Downtown home and give them something to make their days a little brighter. Huff photographs and takes the story of all the unsheltered folks he interacts with and then leaves them with a care package that includes wool socks. Huff continues the outreach of our Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. ambassadors, by treating our community members with kindness and respect, and by sharing their stories.

We ask that you make a donation to The Wool Sock Project by visiting HERE! or by donating socks, hand warmers, foot warmers, snacks, or other items to be included in the care packages to our office.

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Co-Work Space Coming in 2018!

YOU need to focus on your mission and core value. Let us worry about running the office. Reserve your space NOW for a spot in our new space opening January 2, 2018!

Due to a large need and requests from the community, Anchorage Downtown Partnership is setting up a hub for those who want to work in an affordable office that has resources, inspiration and meeting spaces for a diverse community of innovators and community leaders.

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